On a hot July afternoon when many kids might choose to take it easy, Achieve is alive with activity. Whether in class or working one-on-one with staff, students are reading, doing math or preparing to give a speech in Assembly. The word of the day? Conscientious.

The 58 sixth- through eighth-grade students enrolled in Achieve are having a great summer, reports director Connie Yépez. “They’re working hard, making progress—and having fun,” she says. “Thirteen of them are set to graduate on August 5, after three summers and two academic years in the program.”

Achieve is a tuition-free educational program for low-income middle school students that engages them in academic work for six weeks in the summer and on Saturdays during the school year. Located on the Noble and Greenough campus, it is one of only a handful of such programs nationwide. Achieve is founded on the belief that the middle grades are critical to future academic and personal success.

Toward the end of this sweltering day, Achieve students took part in enrichment activities, including dance, rocket club and photography. They left the building ready to get their homework done and take on another day of academic challenge. Tomorrow’s word of the day? Strength.

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