Information Technology and Media faculty member Andy Shumway is continually seeking ways to engage students in multimedia projects that integrate the use of multiple technology tools and software applications. Students in Media in Motion recently created virtual middle school tours using Tellagami, an animation app on the iPad.

Each tour is built with a customized speaking avatar who walks prospective students and families through parts of Nobles. Students incorporated photos and recorded voiceovers and sound bites. They learned to work between two devices—the iPad and laptop—and explored the use of Google Drive and Dropbox to transfer files, Garage Band or iTunes for music and sound and iMovie for editing.

Students also worked with Associate Director of Admission Cassie Velázquez to learn about being a Shield Head (a student tour guide) and researched further by reviewing the Nobles website and interviewing peers about the middle school experience.

“The project itself took about six classes,” says Shumway. “In creating the project, they learned how to research to find the information required to deliver a really interesting virtual tour. The students also shared their tour and got feedback from Velazquez in the admission office. The collaboration between departments and the ability to learn from each other was the best take-away from this project.”

See two projects below.

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