Our Campus

Our Campus

Nobles sits on 173 acres bordered by the Charles River in Dedham, Massachusetts, 10 miles from Boston. Everyone has a “favorite space” on campus—whether it’s the alcoves in the Shattuck Schoolhouse, the stage in Vinik Theatre, or the serene glass-enclosed quiet reading room in the academic center. One place brings us all together: the Castle. It’s where our community shares meals each day, gathers to celebrate and exchange ideas, and it’s where several of our faculty live and raise their families.

Many of us who learn and work at Nobles consider it a “home away from home,” and we’re proud of our campus. Visit our admission site to learn more and schedule a tour—we’d love to show you around!

Watch our aerial tour for a quick flight around our 173 acre campus on the Charles River in Dedham.

The Academic Center

The academic center is the newest building on campus. Completed in early 2018, it houses the new Putnam Library in addition to faculty offices and flexible classrooms. In the new library there are areas for collaborative work, a silent study and the main reading room that serves as a more inviting space for students to gather. The new innovation classrooms feature full whiteboard walls, easily reconfigurable furniture and built-in projectors. The culmination of the construction process involved knocking down the old Putnam Library, expanding the beach green space and relocating Fargo Circle to a new outdoor classroom.

You can access the Putnam Library website here.