One way students can get involved with DEI work is through clubs and organizations that explore a variety of topics on race, socioeconomics, gender and religion. The following clubs organize schoolwide events, such as movie nights, discussions and assembly announcements that educate the student body and raise awareness about inequities in our society. All interested students can become members of the clubs or choose to attend events. 


ACC (Asian Cultures Club) 

Faculty Advisors: Nahyon Lee and Hannah Puckett

ACC seeks to explore and celebrate Asian cultures through events where we expose the Nobles community to different traditions, languages, and foods. We also aim to inform our student body about relevant social and political issues, as well as the racial discrimination and stereotyping that affect Asian communities. We organize various fundraisers and outreach initiatives to make a difference beyond Nobles.

SSEA (Students for Socio-Economic Awareness)

Faculty Advisor(s): Edgar De Leon ’04 and Mariah Oates

SSEA develops programs and initiatives that raise and maintain awareness in the Nobles community about class and socio-economic issues. The group welcomes all perspectives and viewpoints.

NFC (Nobles Feminist Coalition)

Faculty Advisor: Sara Masucci

The Nobles Feminist Coalition strives to promote gender equity and destigmatize feminism in and around Nobles through community engagement.

SURJE (Students United for Racial Justice and Equity) 

Faculty Advisor(s): Mariah Oates and Edgar De Leon ’04

SURJE is Students United for Racial Justice and Equity. Its mission is to build racial equity awareness by fostering an understanding of implicit bias, institutional and systemic racism. Through this shared knowledge and related discussions SURJE hopes to normalize explicit and constructive conversations about race, equip skills, strategies and relationships to be effective leaders and advocates in the Nobles community.  


Faculty Advisors: Talya Sokoll, Alycia Scott-Hiser, Louis Barassi

The general purpose of the group is to work toward breaking down stereotypes and misconceptions of those who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual or transgender so that every student learns to respect and accept all people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression.

JCC (Jewish Culture Club)

Faculty Advisors: Talya Sokoll and Mike Kalin

The Jewish Culture Club provides a space for Nobles students to learn about Jewish culture, customs and current events affecting Jews around the globe.