EXCEL Service and Travel Partners

EXCEL Service and Travel Partners

The Nobles EXCEL travel program develops ongoing and mutually beneficial partnerships with schools and nonprofit organizations across the country and around the world. Most trips listed below are typically on a two year rotation with different options each year and are led by Nobles faculty and staff. International trips are on hold until the 2022-23 school year.


Partnerships and Profiles

Domestic Destinations and Partners

  • New Hampshire & sustainable farming
  • Chicago & arts and culture

International Service Destinations and Partners

International Language, Cultural and Academic Programs

  • France & ??
  • Central Europe & history studies
  • Turkey & Robert College
  • China & Beijing 57 School


Middle School Service Profile

The Middle School holds its annual day of service each fall.  In recent years, the focus has been on combating food insecurity, and so our community has partnered with both local food banks, urban agriculture institutes, and organic farms each with the mission of providing access to nutritious food for underserved families.  We use this day as the starting point for our holiday service drives.

Middle School Travel Partner

Kliptown Youth Program

A Nobles partner in Johannesburg, South Africa since 2005, KYP’s mission is to provide opportunities that will enable young people to rise out of poverty. KYP seeks to develop young and dynamic individuals who are willing to contribute effectively for the betterment of their community. Nobles students have the opportunity to work with KYP students, learn about life in pre and post-apartheid South Africa and bring gear and raise funds for KYP.

Upper School Service Partner

Immigrant Family Services Institute

A Nobles partner since 2010, IFSI’s  mission is to expedite the successful integration of recent immigrants into the social and economic fabric of the United States with justice and dignity. Over 200 Nobles students have been involved in ‘virtual tutoring’ during the pandemic and when live programming re-emerges will be working in the after school program.

Upper School Travel Partner

  • Safe Passage
  • Safe Passage is a pre-K through 9th grade school located in Guatemala City with the mission to break the cycle of poverty through education, healthcare, nutrition, and social services. The non-profit also offers educational support for high schoolers through adult learners through a holistic approach. Nobles sends groups of students to volunteer at Safe Passage, where we learn about the diverse and rich Guatemalan culture as well as the challenges people continue to face decades after the 36-year long Civil War.

Student Testimonials

Hear What our Students Have to Say

Jeremy Rodriguez ’21 | South Africa

My favorite memory from Nobles is my trip to South Africa with EXCEL. Having the ability to connect with peers of mine with no phones truly made those connections deeper. From being less than 20 feet from a lion, to learning about the history of South Africa, roaming a mall in Capetown with some friends, creating friendships with people from different towns or gaining a greater understanding of the global society, I learned more than I could imagine about myself. Witnessing first hand the harsh racism from the apartheid and the privilege I have were moments that challenged how I viewed myself. Those moments where I felt uncomfortable or confused were essential to having a greater understanding of my place in the world. What I valued most was being immersed in a daily sense of joy and happiness among South African citizens so unlike here in the States.”

Duncan Ayles ’21  | Tutoring at IFSI

“During my senior fall, I had the honor of participating in the community service afternoon program. Part of our requirement was to devote at least one hour to an after school tutoring organization called IFSI. I would never have guessed that first and second graders could have such a profound impact on my life. Visiting the first and second grade room twice a week and seeing so many young boys and girls eager to learn gifted me with an incredible sense of motivation and hope. I quickly became known as “Dunkin-Donuts” (which the students found hilarious), the volunteer with comic books that shows up on Monday and Tuesday nights. I have continued to tutor through IFSI during the Winter and Spring. Nothing has brought me more joy than seeing these young students learn and grow.”

Lily VanOot ’21  | Outing Club

“One of my favorite memories at Nobles is my first outing club hike with Mr. Nickerson. The group met on campus around 6 a.m. on a January morning and piled on the bus for a two hour ride to New Hampshire. Our group didn’t have much hiking experience, but led by Mr. Nickerson, we managed to climb Mt. Monadnock without any disasters. The best part about Nobles for me is the sense of community that permeates throughout every aspect of the school. The outing club gave me the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends who I might never have met otherwise. I will miss a lot of things about Nobles, but mostly I will miss the community of incredibly talented students and thoughtful teachers who make Nobles the amazing school it is. I am so thankful to have spent the last six years with the best people at the best place in the world.”

Olivia Martin ’21 | Tech Theater

“When I first started tech, it was as a pact with a friend of mine. They’d do community service with me if I did tech with them. I did my first show that summer and as promised, that fall also. I found that tech quickly became my favorite afternoon activity. Through high school, I eventually stopped playing sports so I could do tech for all 3 seasons. I loved getting to connect with the older students, who quickly became my role models and go-tos for anything. I also got to know the younger students as they came in. Working with the class of ‘20 last musical with them was such an emotional experience and I couldn’t have been happier to have that time with them. Tech taught me skills that I never thought I would learn, and helped me make connections that greatly impacted my time at Nobles.”

Alison McGrath ’21 | China & South Africa

“The most memorable experiences I have had throughout my time at Nobles have been during my EXCEL trips to South Africa and China. Not only was I able to do things that I otherwise would have never done, but I was able to build relationships with people I did not expect. I bonded with teachers on late-night safaris, learned about other students by talking to them for hours on the plane, and I was even able to host the Chinese exchange student who hosted me. The relationships that were created on these trips have lasted throughout my time at Nobles, and I am so grateful I was able to travel around the world with EXCEL.” 

Joyce Huang ’21 | Community Service and Travel

“EXCEL has been such a significant part of my Nobles experience. Joining the Community Service Club freshman year, I had no idea the lasting friendships I would make nor the love I would develop for community service. From the trip to South Africa my sophomore year to weekly service meetings, there has not been a single moment that I haven’t enjoyed. However, the most special part of EXCEL is undoubtedly the faculty. Led by Mr. Snyder, Ms. Hurley, and Mrs. Bonomo, their passion for service has never failed to inspire me. I don’t think I truly understood our school motto of “Leadership for the public good” until this past year, when the Nobles community’s strength and willingness to help shone through amidst tough times. I am so proud to graduate from Nobles having been part of a group like EXCEL that truly makes an impact and leaves a legacy.”