FAQs Spring 2020

FAQs Spring 2020

We understand that you have questions. While we might not address all of them here, these FAQs are available to offer insight into what you can expect as we navigate new territory together. Please reach out with concerns that are not addressed here; we will update this page in the weeks to come.

How does Virtual Nobles work?

Please see full documentation on the process and tools here.

What can you share about celebrations for the Class of 2020 should the school not reopen before graduation?

While circumstances may require us to modify many senior celebrations, we are highly focused on how special this time is. School leadership will work with the prefects, with the Parents Association and other groups to plan alternate celebrations.

What effect does this crisis have on the college counseling process?

Depending on the class year, the effects vary widely. College counselors will connect with individual students and clarify obstacles and solutions. We understand that members of the Class of 2021 are most acutely affected. We will communicate with students and their parents about testing, grades and other considerations. Because many colleges have parallel concerns, we anticipate flexibility in the coming year.

What do we know about standardized testing so far?

The College Board, which oversees most standardized testing in the U.S., has a dedicated page related to Covid-19 interruptions. You can see it here.

My child(ren) hasn’t used the Nobles library site much. Can you remind me how to find it?

Of course. The library site is here and the librarians will be excited to help students find resources digitally.

I have some concerns related to tuition and/or my financial situation as it relates to Nobles. What should I do?

For questions related to financial aid, please contact Cat Kershaw at Cat_Kershaw@nobles.edu. Please initiate any other concerns through the business office via Laura_Bishop@nobles.edu.

How will my child “attend” class?

All of the students’ virtual classes should be accessible via the Gcal (Nobles email) calendar. Students will be able to click on the calendar link and have seamless access to their classes on Zoom.

  1. Video: How to Download and Set up Zoom 
  2. Video: How to Download and Set up Google Chrome

What will afternoon program look like?

While all organized athletic teams have paused until further notice, we will be offering a variety of options with details to come.

Do you have further information on the Independent School League and the implications of school closure?

Day and boarding schools may be in slightly different positions related to school closure and the resumption of some activities. If we are able to compete safely at some point before June, we will. But we do not expect competition of championships to be formalized in anything close to a typical season. We will continue to communicate as the situation evolves.

Might any of the June EXCEL trips run?

We don’t know yet. We will let you know when we know more. We follow guidance from the CDC and other entities. We will continue to closely monitor the national and global Covid-19 situation and make decisions regarding June trips by the middle of April.

My senior has not completed the community service requirements for graduation. What should we do?

We will communicate with students on a case-by-case basis. We know that some students expected to complete this requirement in the spring and we will make appropriate accommodations.

Will there be Class I projects?

All seniors will have the opportunity to drop a class to pursue a project about which they are passionate. For some who are able to accomplish the intention of a senior project remotely, they may complete that project. For others, this might require a new approach. Seniors will hear more and can be in touch with their advisors and others to determine an appropriate plan.

How will performing arts work continue?

Like athletics, these endeavors are greatly aided by in-person practice and collaboration. Those involved in the NTC spring production and other performing arts will hear from their directors with how these groups will manage their work together.

What about applied music?

Please reach out to Nhung_Truong@nobles.edu. Different instructors may be able to accommodate students.

Will affinity groups continue to be able to meet?

Time for affinity and many other groups is built into the schedule. Students will get additional details in advisory.

What is the plan for clubs and organizations?

We value the importance of these groups but have not yet determined time and structure for them as they conflict with other faculty and student scheduling. We are assessing the best way for these groups to stay connected, and we will keep you informed

We are using the family laptop for my remote work and/or don’t have one for my child to use at this time. I might need help with Wi-Fi access. What should I do?

The Nobles Information Systems and Support (ISS) team is available to help with these concerns by providing loaner laptops and/or wi-fi hotspots. Students should reach out to their advisor (advisory meeting are Tuesdays at 8:45 a.m.) or directly to ISS.

Is counseling support still available?

The Nobles Department of Psychology and Counseling will be available to meet with students face-to-face through Zoom or by phone call. Whether your child already has an established relationship with one of the psychologists/counselors or is looking for  support/connection for the first time, we encourage students to reach out via email to set up appointments. If families are interested in obtaining additional support for their children, we are also available to make referrals to clinicians who are connecting with clients via telehealth.

Jen Hamilton   jhamilton0f@nobles.edu                  617-686-0644
Rick Wilson    rwilson0f@nobles.edu                        617-513-8620
Mary Batty      mbatty0f@nobles.edu                         617-669-5243

What’s happening with assembly?

Assembly will occur twice a week, virtually. The lineup for the first week has already come together. Students who have ideas about what they might share virtually should contact Provost Bill_Bussey@nobles.edu.

What is happening with summer programs: Achieve, Upward Bound, Nobles Day Camp?

As with other activities, we will be guided by the CDC and other authorities and the safety of convening in the summer. Should it be inadvisable to carry out the programs in a typical fashion, we hope to plan alternatives as we are able.

How and when will I get updates from Nobles on how Covid-19 is affecting plans?

We expect to introduce a twice-a-week newsletter so that we can stay in more frequent contact.

Is the daily schedule the same?

There are many similarities, but we are mindful that this format is new. To ensure that students would not have five to six online classes in a single day (i.e. too much screentime), we have designed a schedule that allows for a balance of live instruction (synchronous learning) and assigned work that will be completed independently and/or in collaboration with peers (asynchronous learning). Your child(ren) can view their schedule on Gcal.

My student is supported by the academic skills team. I am concerned that online learning might be especially challenging. What should I do?

Please reach out to Director of Academic Support Heather O’Neill at Heather_Oneill@nobles.edu or 617-877-3329 to discuss your child’s profile and how Virtual Nobles can work for your child. Be assured that we will work closely with your family.

I know that Nobles is increasingly focused on wellness. These are challenging times. What resources can you offer?

Jen Hamilton (counseling) and Kate Ramsdell (college counseling) are developing resources, both serious and stress-relieving, for this challenging time. We will share more details with you shortly. Some resources are already available here.