Awards & Prizes

Alumni Prize (for excellence in history)

Paul Apostolicas and Jason Tang

Bramhall-Bridge Purchase Prize in Art

Dani Abouhamad, Liam Dorsey, Ashley Ducharme

Class of ’98 Award (given, by the vote of the graduating class)

Paul Apostolicas

Computer Science Award

Cam Camacho

Davis Cup (for sportsmanship)

Stephanie Nomicos and James Welch

Edward L. Bond Jr. Prize (for improvement in scholarship)

Adia Maund

Edward Stone Gleason Award (for academic excellence)

Paul Apostolicas

Epes Sargent Dixwell Medal (for excellence in Latin)

Marijke Perry

G. L. Bridge Award (for excellence in ceramics)

Hayden Cheek

Grandin Wise Award (for excellence in community service)

Caroline Collins-Pisano

Greenough Prize (for excellence in mathematics)

Gustave Ducrest

Head of School’s Prize (formerly headmaster’s prize)

Patrick Stevenson and Olivia Thompson

Little Memorial Essay Awards

Creative: Lily Hicks
Literary Analysis: Stephanie Nomicos

Miller Medal (excellence in scholarship and athletics)

Ryan Flynn

Nash Medal (for executive ability)

Patrick Stevenson

Nathaniel C. Nash Prize (for journalism)

Lizzy Rueppel

The Nobles Dance Prize

Magdalena Blaise

Nobles Shield (for most respected female and male athlete)

Hayden Cheek and Maya Keenan-Gallagher

Peter Kerns and William Warren ’77 Prize (for excellence in technical theatre)

Serena Chen

Public Speaking Award

Marijke Perry

Reginald Davidson Music Award

Caroline Collins-Pisano, Annika Harrington, Talia Kee

Robert J. Agostini Award (for athletic contribution as a non-competitor)

Blair Crawford

Russell B. Stearns Achievement Award

Jelinda Metelus and Danny Monaghan

Scudder Medal (for excellence in fine arts)

Marijke Perry

Sheldon Prize (for excellence in science)

Samantha Alves

Shillito Cup (for excellence in photography)

Nina Collins

Sidney L. Eaton Prize (for excellence in performing arts)

Jelinda Metelus

Thomas S. Resor Coaching Excellence Award

Adam Cluff

Trustees’ Prize for Class I

Samantha Alves

Vernon L. Greene Prize for Faculty Excellence

Steve Toubman

Volkmann Medal

Katia Rozenberg (excellence in French)
Marijke Perry (excellence in Japanese)
Paul Apostolicas (excellence in Mandarin)
Ryan Flynn (excellence in Spanish)

Wiswell Prize (for excellence in English)

Lily Hicks