Awards, Prizes and Cum Laude Society

Alumni Prize (for excellence in history)
Liam Nawara

Bradley D. Nash 1919 Medal (for executive ability)
Saffiyah Coker

Bramhall-Bridge Purchase Prize in Art
Charlotte Epker, Angela Giordano, Addy Sewack, Eleni Kinney, Finn Harrington

Class of ’98 Award (given, by the vote of the graduating class)
Hailey Brown

Computer Science Award
Alex Bao, Wyatt Ellison

Davis Cup (for sportsmanship)
Katie Armstrong, John DiNovi

Edward L. Bond Jr. Prize (for improvement in scholarship)
Jackson Phinney

Edward Stone Gleason Award (for academic excellence)
Kevin Chen

Epes Sargent Dixwell Medal (for excellence in Latin)
Harrison Theriault

L. Bridge Award (for excellence in ceramics)
Celia Dorsey

Grandin Wise Award (for excellence in community service)
Lauren Kelley, Jake McHugh

Greenough Prize (for excellence in mathematics)
Keren Luo

Head of School’s Prize (formerly headmaster’s prize)
Madie Majernik, Noah Janfaza

Little Memorial Essay Awards
Creative: Natalie Maher
Literary Analysis: Finn Crawford

Michele Dufault ’07 Memorial Prize
Grace Smith

Miller Medal (excellence in scholarship and athletics)
Finn Crawford

Nathaniel C. Nash Prize (for journalism)
Anushka Harve

Nobles Shield (for most respected female and male athlete)
Becca Gill, Jackson Phinney

Peter Kerns and William Warren ’77 Prize (for excellence in Technical Theatre)
Eleni Kinney, Grace Smith

Public Speaking Award
Bryan Thomas

Reginald Davidson Music Award
Finn Harrington, Gyu Choi

Robert J. Agostini Award (for athletic contribution as a non-competitor)
Drs. Peter Asnis and Mininder Kocher

Russell B. Stearns Achievement Award
Nattalie Gualdron, Sebastian Sanchez

Scudder Medal (for excellence in fine arts)
Sammy Walkey

Sheldon Prize (for excellence in science)
Keren Luo

Shillito Cup (for excellence in photography)
Rahul Singh

Sidney L. Eaton Prize (for excellence in performing arts)
Hailey Brown, Celia Dorsey

Thomas S. Resor Coaching Excellence Award
Mark Spence

Trustees’ Prize for Class I
Smita Rajan

Volkmann Medal
Bryan Thomas (excellence in Spanish)

Wiswell Prize (for excellence in English)
Hannah Lawry

Vernon L. Greene Award for Faculty Excellence
Tilesy Harrington

2020 Cum Laude Society Members
Katie Armstrong
Alex Bao
Hailey Brown
Kevin Chen
Gyu Choi
Finn Crawford
John DiNovi
Paloma Ducrest
Wyatt Ellison
Samuel Guerrero
Anushka Harve
Rishi Khanna
Annie Khawand
Eleni Kinney
Matt Kirkman
Hannah Lawry
Keren Luo
Ella Midura
Tatiana Rachlin
Smita Rajan
Grace Smith
Casey Taitel
Harrison Theriault
Bryan Thomas
Nathan Trudell
Lauren Young