Hong performs in ColoradoChristine Hong ’15 has been named principal violinist in Massachusetts Music Educators (MMEA) Eastern District Ensembles this year. In addition to her position with the district orchestra, Hong performed in Boston Dec. 20 at a benefit concert for UNICEF. In November, she was the guest soloist “Mostly Mozart,” a benefit concert in Colorado for flood victims there—Hong’s first time performing for a cause.

“I never imagined myself playing at a benefit concert,” says Hong, who is a regular contributor to Nobles’ community service program. “It all fits together. It’s so satisfying. “Not only are you really happy doing what you love—in being happy, you can help other people,” she says.

In addition to Nobles, Hong attends the New England Conservatory Preparatory School. She’s been playing violin for nine years, she says. “Playing is a way for me to channel my emotions. Practicing has given me discipline.”

Hong is active in community service and also plays squash. When multiple commitments make practicing violin challenging, she says that she sometimes will play all day Saturday.

“People have said to me that music can change lives, but I never really understood until now.”

Other Nobles musicians selected for MMEA Eastern District Ensembles this year are Nolan Thomas '14 (chorus-bass), Nick Samel '16 (band-trumpet), Frannie Adams '17 (orchestra-cello), Chad Polk '17 (orchestra-cello), Chris Sun '17 (orchestra-cello), Esther Choi '16 (orchestra-violin), Jessica Le ’16 (orchestra-violin).

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