Class VI students debuted their ’Round the World (RTW) projects on April 29 in the Morrison Forum to their parents, fellow students and faculty members. Students set up stations in which they featured the details of this months-long project for which they chose a country to visit, planned the details of their trip and documented their experiences. Their stations featured the particulars of their project such as a passport, country map, travel budget, itinerary, and journal entries.

Director of Academic Support Gia Batty assisted students on their projects by holding workshops where they could learn the skills need to complete their assignments. She described how much she enjoyed reading the trip journals and reading about the exciting aspects of their travel like one student who went "bungee-jumping off a cliff" or another who "spent all his money in Fiji."

Lauren Kelley ’20 chose the country of Argentina for her project and really enjoyed assembling the information in her travel binder. She found that the most interesting thing about Argentina "was how much soccer, or football as they call it, means so much to them. On my trip, I even went to one of the soccer games."

To see their trips around the world, take a look at the slideshow below.

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