Steve GinsbergSteve Ginsberg, chief financial and operating officer and head coach of the boys soccer team, just enjoyed a moment of fame in the “Catching Up With” section of the Boston Globe’s November 20 edition. 

The article opens with a nod to Ginsberg’s favorite aphorism, which he shares with the Nobles boys before every game: “Run for yourself and run for your mates.”

Inscribed in stone above the athletic fields at Ginsberg’s alma mater, his favorite quote memorializes his former Williams College teammate. Matt Stauffer had succumbed to leukemia three years after Ginsberg graduated from Williams.

Every January, Ginsberg, current and former players, family members, and retired Williams coach Mike Russo visit the memorial.

The Globe article highlights Ginsberg’s athletic career, including his time as team captain at both Needham High and Williams College.  As Ginsberg says, “Coach Russo had high expectations for us as individuals and teammates, and our success had a powerful influence on me.”

That success includes a NCAA Division 3 national championship game against UC San Diego and an undefeated regular-season.

The article discusses Ginsberg’s love for team dynamics, as applied on and off the field.

Read the full article here.

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