Emergency Protocol

Emergency Protocol

Nobles employees are required to familiarize themselves with the details of our emergency protocols, available as an app on mobile and desktop.

911 Protocol

The protocol for 911 emergency situations advises the witness or victim/ survivor to, in order:

  1. Dial 911 for immediate police, fire or emergency services.
  2. Notify the Administrator in Charge (AIC):
    1. Call the front desk (during school hours): 781-326-3700.
    2. Call security (outside of school hours): 508-397-7294.

We encourage community members to add these numbers to their phone contacts.

Campus Crisis Protocol

For emergency events that require a full campus response, the AIC will alert the Nobles community by initiating the 4-pronged Campus Alert System:

  • Internal public address
  • External public address
  • Reverse 911
  • Email

The Campus Alert System will alert the Nobles community to follow either the Shelter-In-Place (non-human threat or event) or the Code Red (imminent human threat) protocol. The specifics of each are found within the emergency app.

All members of the Nobles community will respond by following the appropriate protocol. The fluidity of emergency circumstances require the community members to be as aware of the situation as possible and act with common sense, prioritizing the safety of the students.


For any issues or concerns related to health and safety, please contact Brian Canavan at 781-320-7294.