2020-2021 Afternoon Program

Our priorities for the afternoon program this year are for students to be engaged with one another and Nobles faculty in the pursuit of shared goals, the creation and promotion of a team experience and the discovery of new opportunities for fun. Given the state guidelines and safety considerations, we have adjusted and added to the original annual offerings. We will be asking students to re-select their options each season based on the modified choices. We have created a hybrid of virtual and in person programming we believe will engage our students in meaningful experiences this year.

Our interscholastic seasons are still uncertain. As was shared in a joint letter from Independent School League (ISL) heads of school, we know we will not have a traditional winter season, though we are also still open to scheduling some games should it be safe to do so.



A core part of our success in the afternoon program this fall will be our shared commitment to health and safety. Each student will be briefed on our safety protocols for indoor and outdoor spaces during the initial afternoon program group meetings. It is critical that each student take these seriously and adhere to them.


Students will participate in their afternoon program in person on the days they are already on campus for the academic day (Classes VI-IV on Monday and Tuesday, Classes III-I on Thursday and Friday). There will also be one ‘virtual’ meeting each week.

Varsity teams will have a live obligation of roughly 90 minutes each of the two days on campus. There will be tryouts for varsity teams only. The Nobles Theatre Collective’s fall project will be 100% available for students to participate in whether they are on campus or not. We are continuing to evaluate additional meeting times for these programs during the week, possibly on Saturdays. All other programs will be roughly 60 minutes in duration each of the live days on campus.

Afternoon Program Signup

Given the hybrid nature of the beginning of the school year, as well as existing safety guidelines, we are offering a broader and more flexible set of afternoon program choices. All students will be asked to sign up for their winter afternoon program activity after reviewing the new offerings. These choices should be made by November 3 so that the activities can be appropriately staffed. The link to register for a winter afternoon program was sent via email to students. All students are required to participate (virtually or in person) in a winter afternoon program (other than Class I and Class II students who can choose “exempt” for one season).

Afternoon Program Offerings

Click here for an updated list of offerings for Spring 2020-2021

Physical Activity Requirement

Given the necessary changes to our offerings this year due to the pandemic, all students will be given “physical activity” credit for the winter season, irrespective of the activity completed, as part of our afternoon program requirement.

Family Needs Exemption

If the circumstances of the pandemic create a challenging personal or family situation for a student, an afternoon program exemption can be requested for the fall season. Examples of these challenges include a need to hold a part-time job or care for younger siblings or family members. Students seeking an exemption should email Ben Snyder (upper school) or Colette Finley (middle school), copying their parents/guardians, to explain the situation.

Nobles Athletics Covid-19 Policies and Procedures

Please click here to read a full description of the policies and procedures pertaining to winter athletics at Nobles in 2021.

(Click here to read the fall 2020 version.)


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