Middle School FAQs

Middle School FAQs

Academic Questions

What courses are required in 7th and 8th grades?

Class VI students (7th graders) must take English Via Latin (EVL), math, science, geography, and a rotation of visual arts, drama, computer proficiency, and music. In addition, Class VI students can choose to take a modern language (Chinese, French and Spanish) and one of the three musical ensembles (chorus, wind ensemble or string ensemble). Class V students (8th graders) take English, one or two languages (if two, one must be Latin), math, science, civics, and a minimum of one art per semester. In addition, Class V students may choose to join one of the three musical ensembles.

How much homework do students have on average, per night?

Students generally have roughly 30 minutes per subject per night.

How is writing taught in the middle school?

Writing is taught and reinforced across the curriculum, but much skill-building occurs in English Via Latin (EVL) and English classes. We teach many different types of writing: expository essay, persuasive essay, poetry, creative writing, etc. Students’ study of grammar and vocabulary, and their exposure to various disciplines improve and increase the scope of their writing.

How do you challenge students who are ahead of their peers?

Nobles is committed to placing students in the most appropriate classes in math and languages. As a result, it is not unusual for a middle schooler to be in a Spanish II Honors class or a Geometry class. Such placement decisions are made by the department head together with the head of the middle school.

What type of support is offered for a student who is struggling academically?

One-on-one extra help is available with individual teachers, academic advisors and learning specialists. For students who continue to struggle, we offer quiet proctored afternoon study halls, three days a week. The school also employs two counselors. Advisors are in contact with parents whose child needs additional support.

Arts and Athletics Questions

What are the afternoon program requirements in the middle school?

Middle schoolers must participate in the afternoon program each of the three seasons, and at least two of the three seasons must involve some sort of physical activity.

Are sports the only option in the afternoon program?

No. While Nobles offers many competitive athletic opportunities, it also offers a rich variety of musical, artistic and non-competitive physical activities. Click here to read more about the afternoon program.

How much theater can a middle schooler do?

Every Class VI student takes an 8- to 10-week course in Drama VI. Class V students may choose to spend one full semester taking Drama V. In addition to these courses, the middle school puts on a production each winter, and all interested middle schoolers may choose to do this as their winter afternoon program option. With approval from the faculty, a middle school student can perform (after a successful audition) in the all-school musical.

How much time will middle schoolers spend in the Henderson Arts Center?

Middle school chorus, wind ensemble, string ensemble, jazz band, a cappella, and drama all rehearse and perform in the space. In addition to state-of-the-art visual and performing arts facilities, there are three general purpose classrooms to benefit students in all grades.

Social Questions

Is it hard to keep friendships with kids from my neighborhood or my old school?

The outcome depends entirely on you and your friendships. Most students find that they stay close to a small group of pre-Nobles friends while making many new friends at Nobles.

If two students from the same school come to Nobles, will they be together all the time?

No. We work hard to provide opportunities for students to interact with as many other middle schoolers as possible through the academic and afternoon program. Why? The better you know someone, the harder it is to see them in a one-dimensional way. Mixing and matching builds and strengthens community.

What dances does Nobles host and sanction for middle schoolers?

Nobles’ middle school hosts one dance per school year. Inevitably, Nobles middle schoolers are invited to many dances hosted by other Boston-area schools. Dances and other social events are organized and planned by the middle school Student Life Council (SLC) representatives with help and guidance from the middle school faculty.

Are kids allowed to leave and then return to evening social events at school?

No. Students must stay on campus at the event until they are picked up to leave for good. All on-campus events are chaperoned by middle school faculty and middle school parents.