Upper School Curriculum

Upper School Curriculum

Want to build a robot? Read about rebellion? Interested in the economy? Trying to test a chain reaction? Or are you passionate about pottery?

The upper school begins with two years of building foundational skills. You’ll expand your critical reading skills. You’ll finally figure out that algebra formula. You’ll learn how music and policy relate in modern America.

In junior and senior years, you’ll get to choose from our long list of electives. Calculate the force required to fling ping pong balls across a room. Analyze the power dynamics that shaped today’s China. Meet entrepreneurs and brainstorm business ideas.

Or, challenge yourself in one of our AP courses. We offer AP courses in Environmental Science, Photography, Calculus, and many other subjects.

Learning is best when it comes from curiosity and challenge. Here, we’re looking for that “wow” or the “aha” that makes learning fun and worthwhile.